Best Glue For Drone Repair

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Recently I bought my son a drone for Christmas and there is one thing that I have learned… it doesn’t matter how much of a drone expert pilot you are, sooner or later you will crash your drone and be looking around for the best glue for drone repair.

It could be a gust of wind, another drone, or a tree that jumps out of nowhere. Faced with broken parts you will be wanting to know how to fix them fast and get your drone back where it belongs. Flying through the skies above.

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How to glue a broken drone propellor

There is no easy way to fix a propeller. If you do break one the best idea is to replace the part.

How to fix drone body parts

Most general repairs are best done with a plastic welder adhesive. These types of plastic welder actually mold the pieces into one by fusing the two surfaces together.

One of the best glues for this type or repair is a product like Bondic – Liquid Plastic Welder

Make sure you clean any grease or debris from the surface before applying the welder. This will help to ensure a strong bond.

It’s important to note that Bondic plastic welder is not actually a glue. It uses a UV LED Light to cure (which is provided with the product). Once this light is applied it cures in just a few seconds.

Other types of Glue for Drone Repair

If the break is a clean one you could also use a super glue like GorillaPrecise Super Glue Clear

Super glue dries super quickly. This means you don’t need to clamp the parts together. It also means you don’t have a great deal of time to get the parts into the right position so don’t waste too much time.

If there are other glues, or adhesives that you have used successfully to carry out a repair on your drone please let us know by way of a comment below.

Happy flying!

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