What is the best glue for Fabric?

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Do you remember being a kid and making fabric crafts for school plays?

How about gluing together fabric for your Halloween costume?

Or junior high school Home Economics class, where basic sewing and fabric skills are a huge priority?

Fabric glue has so many different uses, and it’s been around for over a century now in different forms. It is an adhesive that can allow you to glue fabric together rather than sewing it.

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Which is the best glue for fabric?

Is there a specific type that is better than the rest?

One of the most important things to remember, when buying glue, is that different brands have different qualities and uses. Some fabric glue is waterproof and will survive the washing machine cycle. Other types of fabric glue are only temporary and will begin to fall apart after two or three trips to the laundromat.

There are different colors as well. Some of the available glues are dyed a specific color like pink or blue, while other fabric glues are transparent in color.

The glue you choose is really dependent on what you want to use it for. Most fabric glue is simple to use and kid-friendly, but not all brands are non-toxic, so always read the packaging before usage.

Aleene’s Glue

Aleene’s, one of North America’s largest glue companies, sells glue specifically designed for fabric.

They not only sell fabric glue in bottles, but also squeeze pens for finer details, and tape adhesive for fabric.

Their glue is durable, permanent, and best of all, it’s designed to survive trips through the washing machine. This means you don’t have to worry about your creative work falling apart.

This glue is sold at many stores, and it’s also available online.

Liquid Stitch

Wal-Mart and Amazon sell a glue product called Liquid Stitch, an inexpensive adhesive intended to be used as a simple alternative for people who don’t want to sew their fabric crafts needle-and-thread style.

Liquid Stitch works fairly well with light fabrics. It is great for silk blouses or the ribbon bow on a hairband, but heavy fabrics like wool, flannel and angora fur don’t really fare well with this product.

Quick Grip

Quick Grip from Beacon Adhesives is an all-purpose glue that works on everything from fabric to wood to metal. It dries well, doesn’t smear and looks clear, but be careful when using. Like the similar brand Krazy-Glue, Quick Grip will stick to your fingers and it can cause minor skin damage if it dries before you have time to get it off.

With the right work environment and precautions though, Quick Grip is a very handy product. It’s available in a compact little bottle online and also from stores like Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire and Amazon.com. Quick Grip, like Aleene’s, is permanent.

Super Quick Grip

A company called Krylon sells a similar product known as “Super Quick Grip”. Unlike its bottled neighbors, Super Quick Grip is a spray adhesive. This one is good for if you’d like to cover a wide area of fabric with glue all at once, but it isn’t so helpful when it comes to nailing down finer details.

For young children, [easyazon_link identifier=”B00178QQXY” locale=”US” tag=”glueauth-20″]Elmer’s Craft Bond Fabric and Paper Glue[/easyazon_link] is a good place to start. This glue is permanent, dries quickly and totally transparent, and it can also be put to use for paper crafts like greeting cards or scrapbooks.

Always provide adult supervision when using this glue, as it may ruin surfaces like carpets and shoes. Elmer’s Fabric Glue is washable but once dry, it remains steadfast and strong even through multiple wash-and-dry cycles through the laundry.

What about fabric to plastic?

[easyazon_link identifier=”B001F7E9VI” locale=”US” tag=”glueauth-20″]Loctite Vinyl, Fabric & Plastic Flexible Adhesive[/easyazon_link] is generally considered the best glue when it comes to glueing fabric to plastic.

Last Words

Whichever glue you choose, avoid any adhesives that are intended specifically for wood or metal only.

Glue guns are great for some things, but they can be very messy when it comes to crafts, which might damage or get in the way of your creations. Pick the glue that you think has the best features and application methods.

Some glue even has colored glitter flakes in it, and other fabric glues are simply just there to do their job. Either way, fabric crafts are a wonderful chance to let your imagination go, and what would crafts be without glue?

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