Best Glue for Phone Screen Repair

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There are a few different scenarios that you could be faced with when making the decision on which is the best glue for a phone screen repair or replacement job.

  • You might need to glue down a replacement screen.
  • Perhaps you are trying to repair a cracked screen.
  • Or you might be trying to glue a case.

In this article, we will look at each of these disasters and explore which adhesives are best suited for which type of repair.

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Best Glue for a phone screen – replacement

There is nothing worse than breaking a phone screen. Every time I accidentally drop my phone I cringe and hope like anything the screen has stayed intact.

When replacing a new screen the glue to use is called LOCA glue.

Loca glue (Liquid optically clear adhesive), or UV glue, is used on smartphone touch displays.

Glue for touch screen
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Fixing a cracked screen

Sometimes for a temporary repair for a cracked screen, you can apply a little glue to make it last longer.

Octopus Glue is another LOCA glue that is great for repairing screens.


When repairing a phone screen take care to not use too much glue. Less is more when it comes to fixing electronics.

There are a lot of tips and tricks out there and hacks for hiding and fixing minor cracks. One that I learned recently was using a bit of toothpaste to hide screen scratches.

Phone case glue

Normally you don’t need glue for a phone case however if your phone case itself is cracked or damaged, super glue is great.

Ideally, a good phone case will save you buying glue or having to repair your phone so try to choose a good one.

Warning: Fixing a phone yourself can save a lot of money vs having it done professionally. But does carry the risk of something going wrong.

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