How to Fix a Broken Nail with Glue

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Broken nails will happen at the worst possible time. This article guides you through the best ways to fix a broken nail with glue.

We will cover how nails break and different methods of fixing them. We will talk about the best glues and methods to use.

Fix a Broken Nail with Glue
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How do nails break?

Our in house beauty expert Louise tells us that the most common causes of broken nails are to do with cleaning and housework. If you ever wanted to have a good excuse to stay away from either of those, you have a good one.

Putting clothes on, especially over the head, is another frequent cause of nail breakage.

The other thing to stay away from is heavy lifting.

How to fix a broken nail with glue

One of the most popular ways to fix a broken nail is with nail glue

You need

  • Nail glue- this comes in the kit below
  • Nail repair powder – this comes in the kit below
  • Cotton buds

Orly Nail Rescue Kit

  • Firstly file or cut down the nail as much as you can
  • Coat the cue tip with nail glue and gently apply to both sides of the broken nail.
  • Dip the nail in the nail repair powder
  • Once the glue has set file down as required.

Which are the best glues for broken nail repairs?

Glue for press on nails is different from the glue you should use for fixing nails. You can read about press on nail glue here.

The best glue for nail repairs is the standard nail glue. You can buy this online from places like Amazon.

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue


Prevention is always the best option. With that being said, it doesn’t matter how much care you take of your nails.. accidents will happen.

The simplest way to repair a broken nail is to purchase a nail repair kit and follow the instructions.

If you have a favorite nail repair tip or trick to share, please leave us a comment.

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