Glue Stick for School – Why Every Child Should Have One

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Every parent with small children knows that with each new school year, there’s no end to the variety of arts and crafts their children create and bring home on a daily basis. This is part of the reason why every kid should have a glue stick.

Why is a glue stick a must-have in every kid’s school supply bag, though?

Glue sticks are a great tool, and the perfect type of glue for younger kids because they have benefits that other products don’t. This makes them a favorite with both students and teachers every year.

The alternatives often used include rolled scotch tape, bottled liquid school glue, and modeling glue. For young children, these products can come with many drawbacks.

Most scotch tape comes on portable rolls with a sharp steel blade used for cutting pieces to size.

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This can be a safety risk to kids, plus tape often doesn’t hold heavier papers together, letting crafts and projects quickly fall apart.

Liquid school glue is very runny, messy and often soaks through thin papers, ruining art projects and taking a long time to dry.

Modeling glue has a strong odor and is intended mostly for adult hobbyists to use.

Glue sticks, on the other hand, are safe, clean, non-toxic and fast-drying.

Each stick has a plastic casing, similar to the style of tube that cosmetic lipstick comes in. This means it can easily be shared and passed around from student to student without making a mess.

The modern Classroom

We live in changing times and glue sticks weren’t always such a common product in classrooms. Today though they’re one of the most popular types of school supplies among teachers and parents.

Often when school supply lists are handed out at the beginning of the year, it’s requested that glue sticks are brought in rather than alternative products.

Glue sticks are admired by children too, because they come in a wide variety of styles. From rainbow sticks to sticks featuring images of their favorite movie characters on the packaging.

There are even glue sticks scented like fruits and flowers!

One of the ever-popular types is the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00143UIC2″ locale=”US” tag=”glueauth-20″]Elmer’s School Glue Stick[/easyazon_link] that dries clear, but in its wet form, it’s bright purple so kids can stay inside the lines and keep glue from getting into their work. This makes projects more fun and keeps the mess down in the classroom, too.

So, why is a glue stick so important for school?

Traditionally schools for art used glue. In today’s world, more and more subjects, for example, math and science, are relying on hands-on projects to give students the knowledge they need to succeed.

Many of these projects involve the use of glue to create displays, and it saves teachers the hassle of cleaning up a classroom mess if kids use glue sticks.

Glue sticks are simple to hold and easy to apply to many different materials. After it dries, the glue lasts a long time without becoming brittle. If you want to hold onto any cherished art projects from your kids, this is definitely the type of adhesive you’ll want them to have.

Students often need to be instructed on how much liquid glue to use for various classroom tasks. Glue in its stick form just glides easily onto paper without seeping through the fibers or dripping onto other projects.

Glue sticks are washable, so if your kid just got glue on their brand-new back-to-school outfit, it’ll easily come out with a little soap and water. What better product for school and fun could there be than that?

Buying Glue Sticks

Before purchasing glue sticks, look online for the most popular and strong brands, and choose the glue stick that’s right for your child’s classroom needs.

There are numerous styles of glue stick on the market today, but they differ in quality. Product reviews can be a good indicator of which types are the most effective for kids. Look for [easyazon_link identifier=”B001E69WBW” locale=”US” tag=”glueauth-20″]glue sticks in packages[/easyazon_link] of three or four, so you’ll have some backup sticks in case the first one goes missing at school.

Tip – Teach your child to always replace the cap after use so it won’t dry out.

Now look forward to a relaxing school year with less stress and mess, and more fun and creativity!

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