Liquid Nails – When a Nail Doesn’t Work

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Although there is nothing as satisfying as banging a nail into a piece of wood sometimes it is just not practical, or possible to do so.

Recently I was mending a fence and one of the boards needed attaching on a weird angle, from the bottom up. There was no way a nail was going in there properly so I needed another solution.

Luckily there is a fantastic product on the market called liquid nails.

I managed to hold the fence slat in place with a couple of wedges of wood and applied the glue. I left it for a day and it set very strongly. Amazingly it still holds to this day.

Liquid Nails Mending Fence

How long for liquid nails to dry?

Most of these type of glues become tacky after around 10-15 minutes and reach a strong bond after 24 hours. They may not reach full strength for around 2-3 days so if you want something to last, make sure you allow it a decent amount of curing time.

Can liquid nails be used outdoors?

Absolutely. Yes it can be used outdoors. I myself used the glue on a wooden fence.

What materials can I use it on?

Liquid nails bonds to almost anything. You can try using it on:

  • caulking
  • brick
  • ceramic tile
  • glass
  • metal
  • painted surfaces
  • rubber
  • styrofoam
  • wood

Can liquid nails be removed?

You can remove it by applying heat to the adhesive. This should soften things up, allowing you to remove it.

Can liquid nails be sanded?

Once the glue has fully set you can sand it. This is best done after around 24 hours (or check the glue’s instructions to see how long it takes to set)

Where can I buy Liquid Nails?

You can buy this glue from your local trade store, or from online marketplaces like

Liquid Nails FuzeIt Multi-Purpose Repair Adhesive

Good luck with your project, for once you won’t need a hammer!

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