Safest Types of Eyelash Glue – ( With No Harmful Chemicals )

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Finding the best eyelash glue can be very tricky as there are a number of products on the market.

Regardless of the cost or beauty of your false lashes, you still have to find the right adhesive. You want to make your lashes look natural without making them heavy or sticky.

It is important to consider the safety of eyelash glue before using it.

Unfortunately, there are fake products that contain harmful substances that lead to eye allergies.

If you have been struggling to find the best glue for your false lashes, then you are in the right place.

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Here are our Top 5 safest types of Eyelash Glue:

#5. Darkness Eyelashes Glue and Gel

This is a Korean beauty product that has gained popularity across the world. In fact, this formula will never disappoint you.

This eyelashes glue is a favorite for many people because of its ease of application and long staying power. This product dries immediately after use and remains in place until you remove it with a makeup remover.

The product has a thin wand so that it does not drop more glue than required on your eyelashes. The price of this product is very reasonable compared to other products on the market.

The quantity of this eyelash-glue is great and last up to 4 months when used daily. The glue is used for both individual lashes and strip lashes.

#4. Ardell Lashtite Adhesive

This is one the most popular eyelash glues available on the market.

You can get this glue in 2 color options and 5 sizes. This product comes in lightweight and easy-to-handle packaging. Ardell Eyelash-glue is extremely waterproof and is ideal for individual lashes.

The product is available in both clear and dark versions. The price is this eyelash-glue is very competitive, and the amount you get for your money is very good.

Overall, Ardell Adhesive is great quality and perfect for individual lashes. The color options provide buyers with the freedom to choose their preferred glue color.

#3. Sassi Eyelash Glue

This eyelash-glue comes in five sizes. Moreover, it contains anti-fungal properties and is extremely waterproof. This product is free from harmful ingredients.

Sassi contains natural extracts that stick easily and nourishes the eyelashes. It takes more time to dry as compared to other products but gives excellent results.

Also, the Sassi eyelash glue is durable and ideal for both strip lashes and full lashes. This glue can stay for up to 24 hours and can be removed using cleansing oil. If you need budget-friendly eyelash glue, this is the ultimate solution.

If you need a natural formula, Sassi is the best option. Also, the multiple size options allow the user to try the product before making a purchase.

#2. Lonris LONG LASTING Eyelash Extension Glue

Most of the eyelashes glue on the market are temporary. However, this glue stands out among the competitors. As the name suggests, this glue is used for semi-permanent eyelashes applications.

In fact, Lonris can last up to 7 weeks before replacement is made. The glue is free harmful compounds such as formaldehyde and latex. This glue is dark in color and takes up to 3 seconds to dry.

Since the formula in the product is strong, it is only advisable to use the glue if you have enough experience of applying eyelashes. Although the product is more expensive than those of others, this eyelash-glue is worth buying.

This product is ideal for individuals who expertise in eyelashes applications. The staying power is remarkable and the drying time is less compared to other brands on the market.

#1. House of Lashes Glue

If you are looking for the safest glue, this is our number one. The glue from House of Lashes is free from formaldehyde, phthalates, and parabens.

This cost-friendly glue is available in a pack of two providing you with value for money.

It dries quickly and lasts for up to 10 hours on the false lashes. It can be easily removed using an oil-based cleanser. You should note that this glue comes in compact packaging. In this case, you should be careful to avoid spillage when handling the bottle.

The House of Lashes Glue is perfect if you need dark shades on your lashes.

The above Top 5 safest eyelash glues are affordable and free from harmful chemicals.

You can buy them at your nearest beauty store or reputable online stores.

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