What is the Best Skin Glue?

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Skin glue is also known as topical skin adhesive.

These are monomers that convert to polymers when it comes in contact with blood.

In simpler terms, it means that it helps close wounds by bringing them together and keeping it that way until new skin forms.

Skin glue can be used on small cuts that can be brought together.

The glue provides a waterproof covering that protects the wound. It is usually used for wounds that occur on the face, head, torso, arms, and legs. It is not recommended for wounds that occur on joints.

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How to apply skin glue?

Skin glue can either be applied on its own or it can accompany stitches. In some cases where the adhesive tape is used, skin glue can be used for quicker healing.

One method of application involves using the force of gravity and by applying pressure on the container with the glue. In such cases, the glue is applied continuously similar to how stationary glue is applied on paper.

Another method involves cutting open the container’s nozzle with scissors and then applying it as drops on the wound. Here the viscosity of the fluid is higher than in the previous cases.

Best glue for skin and where to buy?

Skin adhesives are available for purchase over the counter. They can also be purchased online or through dedicated medical shops. It does not require a prescription but you should consult with your doctor before purchasing one to understand its pros and cons.

Liquid Bandages

One option worth mentioning prior to looking at skin glues is liquid bandages.

Medique Products 92812 Liquid Skin Bandage, 10 Pack

Dermabond Advanced Topical Skin Adhesive

It is one of the most popular skin glues available in the market. The Dermabond Advanced is ideally used with stitches to give complete protection and for quicker healing.

Histoacryl Skin Glue

This is a skin adhesive or skin glue that is also commonly used for straight edge wounds. The glue comes in two different colors, transparent for minimal notice and blue if the quantity applied has to be carefully and easily monitored.

GluStitch Topical Adhesive

This product by GluStitch Inc. contains n-2-Butyl-cyanoacrylate and is an effective high viscosity skin glue that is also used for straight edge wounds. It is available over the counter or online.


This is a skin glue that has found application in all fields of medicine including dentistry. It is known for its easy application, long shelf-life, and quick application. This skin glue has garnered positive reviews for its faster healing in patients that have applied it.


Skin glues have found increased popularity in the recent past considering it is painless, quick and gives less chance for infection.

They usually don’t leave marks after healing and eliminate the need for needles.

With that being said, skin glue is less stronger than sutures.

Care should be taken not to apply ointments along with this since it can pose serious side-effects. The result may not always be as effective as stitches.

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