What type of Glue to use on Styrofoam (or Polystyrene )?

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The question around which is the best glue to use on styrofoam or polystyrene is a common one and there are a number of glues out there that claim to do the job. It can be confusing though trying to figure out which glues are going to work the best.

Terra over at HalloweenForum.com was getting so frustrated with all the mixed information out there that she decided to do a test of her own.

Her mission was to find the best glue to use on styrofoam and polystyrene and these were the contenders:

  • Loctite PL300 Foamboard Glue
  • Super 77 Spray Adhesive
  • Glidden Gripper
  • Foam Fusion
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Great Stuff
  • StyroGoo

She used both scratched and unscratched surfaces in the tests and compared the results after 24 hours and then after 48 hours.

glue to use on styrofoam
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Firstly I recommend that you watch the video and also subscribe to her channel as there is lots of great content available. She goes into great detail and explains how easy each was to apply and which ones to avoid using in certain conditions.

If short on time to watch the video we also list the top three types of glue as a result of her experiment further down the page.

Top 3 Glues to use on Styrofoam and Polystyrene

Gorilla Super Glue

Gorilla Super Glue, 15 g, Clear

The readily available Gorilla glue is fantastic for so many uses. In one of our other articles, we compare Gorilla Glue with Super Glue.

Great Stuff Foam

Great Stuff Foam

Glidden Gripper

The surprise of the experiment was Glidden Gripper.

We couldn’t find this on Amazon but you can buy it from places like the home depot as linked below.

Gripper Interior/Exterior White Primer Sealer

Have you had any experiences with styrofoam or polystyrene glues that you would like to share? Then please let us know.

2 Comments on “What type of Glue to use on Styrofoam (or Polystyrene )?”

  1. Do you stock glue for polystyrene known as Glidden Gripper.
    I want to make sculpture forms out of polystyrene.
    I live in the UK.

  2. I’m pretty sure she didn’t use the gorilla glue you have listed. She used the original gorilla glue not super glue variant.
    Wouldn’t the super glue just melt the foam?

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