What Kind of Glue Should Be Used for Dried Flowers?

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Dried or pressed flowers are a popular DIY project.

Whether you want to decorate your candle holder or any other decorative pieces, pressed or dried flowers can be used.

Sticking them to a surface is not as easy as one might think. Fortunately there are certain glues that can help these flowers to stick to almost any surface.

If you are looking for the right glue to use, then you should consider liquid glue or a hot gun glue.

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Types of glues for sticking dried flowers

There are two kinds of glue which you can use for sticking the dried or pressed flowers. These two are:

Hot glue gun:

Extremely effective for sticking many kinds of surfaces.

Regardless of what type of surface you are using, you can use a hot glue gun to ensure that your surfaces stick perfectly.

Liquid glue:

There are still some multi-purpose liquid glues available in the market that you can use.

Make sure you select a glue that is strong enough to be effective on the rough surfaces. Dried flowers generally don’t have a smooth surface meaning the application of the glue may not be even.

Strong multi-purpose liquid glues can work effectively.

Glue recommendations

Here are some of the recommendations for glue that you can use in your dried flower DIY projects and crafts:

Elmer’s Multi-purpose Liquid Glue

Very effective. Great for bonding dried flowers with any types of surface.

Whether you are using it for paper, wood, fabric, leather, ceramic or wax, Elmer’s Glue-All Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue can do the job.

It is widely used in types of crafts. It has a strong adhesive nature which can effectively stick flowers to any surfaces.

TopElek Hot Glue Gun Kit

The TopElek Glue Gun is one of the bestselling hot glue gun kits on the market. It is ideal for DIY small projects and crafts.

With an easy to use application, hot glue guns are often a great choice. Make sure that the glue is perfectly melted before application.


These two types of glue are best for sticking dried or pressed flowers onto different surfaces.

You can use them to stick to candle stands, paper and many other items.

Dried flowers can be quite tricky at times. Glues like Elmer’s and hot glue guns can provide a secure adhesiveness on all types of surfaces such as ceramic, wood, paper and metal.

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