Why Should I Use Flex Glue?

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Flex glue has an amazing instant grab and it gets stronger over time.

The manufacturer states that flex glue can lift over 1000 lbs! (That’s after a seven day dry time)

This glue can also be applied underwater and it will actually dry underwater.

With so many other glues out there, why use Flex Glue?

It is all about matching the right Glue to the right job. In some instances it would not be a good idea to use flex glue.

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What it is recommended for:

Flex Glue is highly versatile and can be used on an array of objects and materials, including but not limited to wood, metal, foam, tile, ceramic, rubber, porcelain, granite, marble, stucco, stone, plaster, masonry, fiberglass, concrete, brick, and granite.

It can also be used anywhere, including home and garden, RVs and Trailers, Automotive and Marine, boats, construction, plumbing and electrical, maintenance repairs, hobbies, and DIY projects.

What it is not recommended for

Flex glue has not been tested for use on potable water sources. Hence, it is not recommended for use in fish tanks, rain barrels, and drinking water tanks.

Where to buy Flex Glue?

The easy and quick place to buy this Glue is online from sites such as Amazon.

Flex Glue Waterproof Adhesive

How to Apply the Glue?

You can find more detailed directions on the manufacturers site but the basic instructions are:

  • Make sure that the surfaces of all objects that need fixing are free of oil, grease, and dirt
  • Remove the cap of your Flex glue and cut a sizeable opening at the base of the nozzle
  • Place the nozzle over the object and squeeze from the bottom of the glue’s tubeApply the paste liberally onto one side of the surface that is being bonded
  • Place the other side over the one with glue and apply firm pressure continuously for at least 30 seconds for instant grab and hold
  • Add some slight shimmy on the surface while compressing it to increase surface penetration and allow the glue to take hold.

Note: Make sure to replace the cap after use to prevent the glue from drying.
There are a lot of adhesives on the market, but none compete with the strong bonding ability of Flex Glue. This glue is incredibly powerful and can be used for a variety of things regardless of whether they are wet or under water.

When appropriately used, Flex Glue can help you save money by eliminating the need to buy and use screws and nails and the time you would spend drilling.

Warning: This glue is only intended to be used for emergency repairs. We recommend that you use a permanent solution as soon as possible. As a result of this be very careful and use at your own risk.

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